Vhernier's roots can be traced back to the desire to create modern pieces of jewellery unlike any others, filling an empty niche in the sector. Back in 1984, its founders were a sculptor and a young woman with an extensive knowledge of jewellery and its most sophisticated techniques.

Tired of the banality and conformism of the sector, they longed to find a fresh way to approach jewellery, one which would combine the goldsmith's trade with the shapes and colours of modern, contemporary art.

It was first and foremost a creative, rather than an entrepreneurial, undertaking. The earliest pieces made their d├ębut at the beginning of the '90s, after extensive research: their roundedness brings to mind some forms by Constantin Brancusi; their movement, the sculptures of Jean Arp; and in their power to surprise they evoke the slashes of Lucio Fontana.

With its remarkable rejection of the status quo, Vhernier jewellery was ahead of its time. The time was not yet ripe for such an unusual and different piece of jewellery, and the brand remained a niche favourite among refined connoisseurs.

Among these was Carlo Traglio, a visionary Italian entrepreneur and art collector, driven by a great passion for beautiful objects. His love of beauty and ability to recognise it instantly led him to fall in love with this jewellery, so special and so contemporary, at first sight.

When the opportunity to acquire Vhernier arose in 2001, the Traglio family made the decision without hesitation. Their dream was to introduce the charms of this utterly unique jewellery to as many women as possible, while preserving its uniqueness and one-of-a-kind identity.

Today, Vhernier is an Italian brand known around the world, which stands out for its uniqueness, its modernity, and the impeccable quality of its creations.

Jewellery from Vhernier, which is always crafted entirely by hand and only by the most highly skilled Master Goldsmiths exclusively in Italy, continues to represent a "form of resistance" to banality, imitation and soulless regimentation. These creations are experimental, out of the ordinary, eternally relevant. This is what puts them in a realm beyond fashion.