Born from a culture of beauty and a tradition of craftsmanship rooted in workshops from the Renaissance era, the Calla originates from a world of absolute shapes and icons. Each element is as substantial as the sum of its parts. It is contemporary yet archetypal, composed of rhythmic volumes and symmetrical shapes. The Calla represents a synthesis that we might only perceive at a subliminal and sensual level.

In the video, Carlo Traglio - owner and visionary soul of Vhernier - tells the story of the Calla and the world it was born in, with the sensitivity of a true creator. By his side are two internationally renowned jewelry scholars: Alba Cappellieri and Amanda Triossi. Their narrations help reveal the mysterious perfection of this contemporary amulet, its origins, its values and its powerful symbolic role.

It is not then surprising that the twenty-year success story of the Calla can be explained as an inner accession to fundamental and universal principles. Research, uniqueness, and spirit. Beauty, gesture, and meditation. An ever-changing yet perennial rhythm within the circularity of time.