Looking closely at a Vhernier jewel is a revelation. One can see skilled hands, which preserve an unparalleled tradition. From every detail transpires the subtle art of jewellery making, the loving attention that through the infinite passages brings the dream to life, transforming it in an eternal emotion.


Facial features, an elegant gesture,
a body in movement: ever since its very first designs Vhernier jewellery
has always been conceived in relation to the space surrounding it.

the wax model

prepare a wax model that will be used
as the basis for the creation of a jewel.


If the jewel is to be studded with diamonds, an ad hoc layout for each shape shows where the metal prototype is to be marked and then perforated. This is followed by numerous, meticulous passages to ensure that the gemstones surround the jewel in an embrace where harmony rules over emotion and wonderment.

Meting the gold

From melting the gold in a crucible to assembly, the crafting of most of Vhernier’s bracelets requires no other tools other than a template: the purest expression of man’s ability.

Filing, cleaning and soldering

Filing, sandpapering, removing the black patina with increasingly softer brushes are just a few of the numerous stages leading up to the finished jewel. Some creations have different parts that are soldered together: this is made as invisible as possible by the expertise of Vhernier’s artisans.

Setting the diamonds

Carefully and specifically selected for each jewel, the diamonds have an even colour and are of excellent quality. Set very close together, the Vhernier pavé is an extremely brilliant carpet of diamonds that is as soft as velvet.

Cutting the stones

Every stone is crafted ad hoc for each jewel. Sometimes the gemstone is the protagonist – alone and glorious in its uniqueness. At other times, it is paired with rock crystal to create new, delightful and surprising colours: these are the famous Vhernier transparencies.