Social Responsibility

Beauty has the ability to improve the world. We truly believe this at Vhernier, and this is why we have decided that our work can express more than just beauty: we can also take a better ethical and social approach.

Our aesthetics vocation has given us the determination to constantly pursue maximum creative and crafting excellence. Our involvement and concern with Ethics is expressed in our decision to craft and produce only in Italy, with Italian artisans: the TFashion certification guarantees that each piece of jewellery that's branded Vhernier is completely designed and made in Italy, assuring its total traceability.

A very demanding choice, aimed at preserving our country's distinctive jewellery culture and tradition. As a company, we consider it important to give our support to communities that centre around our operational headquarters. We demonstrate our support by creating and granting new jobs.

A great amount of attention is also applied to the conservation of natural resources. Our quarters in Valenza apply the most advanced technology in emission control systems and waste disposal. We ask our suppliers to meet the same standards and audit them periodically.

For our raw materials, Vhernier makes use of corals and mother-of-pearls that come exclusively from cultivated crops, ensuring an optimal maintenance of our ecosystem; diamond only come from suppliers that adhere to the Kimberley Process, a protocol that ensures that the stones don't originate from areas of conflict.

The leather used for the precious bags comes from specialized breeders and are accompanied by CITES certifications, ensuring traceability and origin.